Monday, September 13, 2010

Moment 0002 - The Cat's Miaow Covers

A1. Fireflies - Hollow Inside
A2. Hormones in Abundance - Crying
B1. The Cat's Miaow - Baby I Love You
B2. The Cat's Miaow - Let it Flow (Live)

Here is a single consisting two Cat's Miaow covers and two covers by the Cat's Miaow. Fireflies is Lisle Mitnik of Chicago indie poppers Very Truly Yours. Patrik Lindgren of Sweden is Hormones in Abundance. Fireflies cover of the emotionally draining Hollow Inside conveys the lyrics beautifully. Lindgren's cover is short and simple - just like the original. On the flip side are two covers featured on Songs For Girls to Sing. These include a Ronettes cover and a live version of Spiritualized's Let it Flow.

For more information on Fireflies and to download some his releases for free click here


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